In the middle of breast cancer treatment, celebrating love and Valentine’s Day may seem hollow especially when a man or woman feels exhausted or is feeling nauseous from chemotherapy. However, the love from a caregiver or spouse is a necessity for breast cancer patients. Support, kindness, love, and merely being there is key for encouraging cancer patients to stay optimistic, hopeful, and determined to become healthy and cancer-free.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or any other type of serious disease, reaching out to your loved ones to receive assistance will help. Even women who have lived an independent life and never reached out for help in the past will see the importance of receiving assistance from family, friends, and their doctors.

Caregivers can help their loved ones by going to medical appointments with them and keeping track of doctor’s orders. Also, caregivers often help with making medical decisions and going after second opinions.

Sometimes an emergency may come up in the midst of breast cancer treatment such as a high fever, so a caregiver is a necessity for providing the transportation and support needed to get to the hospital. Treatment also delves into some expensive out-of-pocket costs and caregivers could assist with figuring out health insurance and finances.

When undergoing something as serious as breast cancer treatment, patients and their caregivers or spouses often end up closer over time. While the whole process is very emotional and turbulent, love for each other will likely strengthen. It is also key for patients and caregivers to focus on other aspects of their lives instead of solely hospitals, doctors, nurses, and treatment.

This Valentine’s Day, spend some time with your loved ones and tell each other old stories. Think about all the other wonderful things the two of you experienced over the years. Love each other and hold each other as close as possible.

For some stories on love found during cancer treatment, read this article from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

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