Now that we’re in the midst of the winter season, it is high time to look at the common types of foods available during the cold, winter months to keep us healthy and cancer-free. Below are the type of nutritious items that you should include on your next grocery shopping list to prevent cancer.

Carrots and beets

The Cleveland Clinic reports that root vegetables including carrots and beets are some common types of vegetables available during the winter since the cold weather does not stop these crops from growing. Carrots have plenty of beta-carotene and turnips have plenty of vitamin A and C to keep you healthy. The Metabolic Research Center stated that the red color of beets comes from betalains, which can reduce your risk of some cancers.


For your daily breakfast, consider adding oatmeal to your meal. This food is very healthy for the winter months because it includes zinc to benefit your immunity and soluble fiber to boost cardiovascular health.

Veggie soups

During those cold, dark nights, eating some warm soup while snuggling under a blanket will certainly bring a smile to your face. It’s important not to add too much salt, cream, or red meat to your soup when cooking. Add lots of vegetables and some chicken broth when making your soups or stews.


Another important tip to remember is the need to add vitamin D to your diet during the winter months when you see little sunshine. For more vitamin D, add some spicy tuna rolls to your dinner! Salmon rolls are also a good addition. Vitamin D is key for keeping your bones strong and your heart healthy.


During the cold months, add some winter squash to your diet. This includes pumpkins and butternut squash. The orange color in these foods is attributable to carotenoids, which are linked to lower rates of breast cancer along with prostate and lung cancer. Squash and pumpkins are key ingredients for diets that prevent cancer.

Brussels sprouts and broccoli

Adding Brussels sprouts to your meals can help prevent colorectal cancer because it includes plenty of fiber. Broccoli can also help boost your immunity during the months when the flu and the common cold are rampant. The vitamin C levels in broccoli are high, which boosts your immunity. By including these top six foods in your diet during the winter, you’ll move toward a healthy lifestyle and be able to prevent cancer.


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