By Vera Viner


I have written several hundred blog articles on cancer prevention and research.  Through these articles, I have also attempted to bring attention to the Breast Health and Healing Foundation and Dr. Tuohy’s preventative breast cancer vaccine.

Now it is time to announce my recent project.  Yes, there is a reason as to why I haven’t posted blog articles lately.  If you enjoy reading my written work, you will love hearing about my latest project.

I have spent hours upon hours writing and compiling an e-book on cancer prevention and cancer research over the last few weeks.  It is called The Pure Cure: Cancer Prevention at its Best.  This e-book is composed of my best blog articles as well as an introduction and some of my recent work.  Throughout the book, I include meaningful quotes from influential people including our own Dr. Kathleen Ruddy.  The main focus behind this book is on cancer prevention.  The topics covered in this book include healthy nutrition, exercise, avoiding carcinogens, recent cancer research, the Breast Health and Healing Foundation, and, of course, the virus and vaccine.  I really think anyone who buys this book will enjoy reading it.

If you buy this e-book, your money will be going straight to the Breast Health and Healing Foundation.  And what happens to the funds received by Breast Health and Healing?  They are used to fund the breast cancer virus and vaccine!  By buying this book, you will be helping put an end to breast cancer!

We must also remember that the holidays are upon us.  It is a time of giving.  This e-book will make a great present for family and friends.  And, of course, you will be giving a truly meaningful donation to the Breast Health and Healing Foundation.

Along with a compilation of my best blog articles, I have also compiled an e-book of Dr. Kathleen Ruddy’s most enticing blog articles.  Dr. Ruddy’s e-book is called Don’t Make Me Set Myself on Fire: A Breast Cancer Surgeon Talks Revolution.  Dr. Ruddy wrote a grabbing and powerful introduction for this book.  Trust me on this; I read it.  This book focuses strongly on the research behind Dr. Tuohy’s first preventative breast cancer vaccine and Dr. Pogo’s work on the Human Mammary Tumor Virus.

All proceeds from this e-book are also going straight to the Breast Health and Healing Foundation.  The best thing you can do this holiday season is to help us put an end to breast cancer.  Buy these e-books knowing that you are giving to a good cause.  And don’t forget to tell your friends and family!  Let’s spread it like wildfire through twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+!


To buy my e-book, click here.

To buy Dr. Kathleen Ruddy’s e-book, click here.

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