Breaking News: Two New Genetic Mutations Tied to Breast Cancer Discovered

By Vera Gruessner

Over the last few decades, genetic research has aided scientific discoveries with regard to enhancing therapies for a multitude of serious medical conditions. Breast cancer is one such disease and headlines show that scientists have uncovered two additional genetic variants linked to a higher risk of the disorder.

These two new genetic mutations are associated with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, one of the most common types. Medical News Today reports that this finding could be important for testing which women are at higher risk of breast cancer.

Investigators from the Institute of Cancer Research in London worked together with other teams from around the globe to perform genetic analysis and discover the genetic variants called rs10816625 and rs13294895. Collaborative research like this points us toward a brighter future, as it can improve clinical trials and provide more findings in the long run.

The first tip-off was that these genetic mutations took part in cell growth and division. Overall, the research encompasses approximately 100,000 women from European, Asian, and African ancestry. The first gene variant increases risk of breast cancer by 12 percent while the second mutation raises it by 9 percent.

“The more genetic risk factors for breast cancer we discover, of which there are currently more than 80, the more accurately we will be able predict who is at risk of getting the disease,” Dr. Nick Orr from The Institute of Cancer Research told the news source. “Ultimately, this will be vital for designing preventive strategies against breast cancer.”

Prevention is exactly what the Breast Health and Healing Foundation seeks to encourage among the medical community. Learning more about the causes of breast cancer will aid in our knowledge on preventing the disease.

While this is important research, some are skeptical in whether it can truly predict which women will get breast cancer in the future. It may also depend on the lifestyle factors of women and whether they take good care of their bodies.

Since one cannot change their genetic DNA, it becomes that much more important to take part in what we can change to lower our risk of breast cancer. Remember to exercise daily and consume a plant-based diet. Reduce your alcohol intake to less than one drink per day, avoid smoking cigarettes, and stay away from hormone replacement therapy. Following these health tips will keep your risk of breast cancer low and improve your overall wellness.

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