Today is October 24th or National Food Day. The aim of this day is to spread awareness of the need to eat “real food.” This means removing sugary drinks, fatty meats, and salty, packaged foods  from your diet.

This means trying to embrace more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and “sustainably raised protein” in your meals, explains the National Day Calendar website.

This movement aims to create a world where food is healthy, affordable, and produced with thought put into protecting the environment and farmers.

Five years ago, National Food Day led to thousands of events across the country including festivals and school activities. Today, make sure to eat a healthy plant-based diet. Also, you can include the hashtag #NationalFoodDay when posting photos of your meals on social media sites.

Breast cancer survivors and those attempting to avoid getting breast cancer due to their family history would also be wise to adopt a plant-based diet filled with fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein.

Huffington Post provided some healthy eating tips for employees busy at work. A great idea is to take part in preparing meals for the week ahead of time.

First, go shopping at a local grocery store on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon to get all the food you’ll need for the following week. Then spend Sunday evening putting together and cooking up your lunches for the week ahead.

For example, you can grill up five days worth of chicken breast and boil some brown rice. Then you can bake a variety of vegetables including broccoli, bell peppers, carrots and squash. All this food can be put into five Tupperware containers and you’ll have lunches set for the coming week.

You should also greatly reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. Sugar is directly linked to supporting the growth of tumors, so this is definitely an ingredient you don’t want in your meals or snacks.

So try to stop eating candy bars and don’t put any extra sugar in your tea or coffee. Most importantly, remove sugary drinks like soda from your diet. And don’t forget that even juices often have added sugar, so be sure to limit the amount of juice you drink or mix it with water.

There are lots of other health issues with a sugary diet such as a higher likelihood of getting diabetes. So be sure to remove those overly sweet snacks and drinks from your grocery shopping list!

And if your company provides lots of lunches for events or a dinner during the holidays, try to talk to your boss about getting healthy catering options. Both Whole Foods and Panera Bread can cater your next affair.

If you are a breast cancer survivor or this disease runs in your family, be sure to embrace a plant-based diet. Tell others the importance of eating real food grown from the ground. Eat a healthy meal on National Food Day and every other day.

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