Dedicated to Theresa Ruddy, my mother, a 40-year breast cancer survivor who taught me how to fight and win.

All along Main Street in Madison, New Jersey merchants and customers alike agree that it’s time to complete the research on the breast cancer virus (aka, the Pink Virus) and move forward to develop a preventive breast cancer vaccine (aka, the Pink Vaccine) such as the one that we now have against cervical cancer.

Janice Monahan, owner of Home Sweet Home, supports this research.  She has a copy of my book, OF MICE AND WOMEN:  Unraveling the Mystery of the Breast Cancer Virus, in her window, and she has kindly offered to hand out postcards with information about the Pink Virus and the Pink Vaccine to her customers.  Thank you, Janice!

home sweet home







Home Sweet Home Window











Janice grew up in the same town as my secretary, Cindy Cerami – Belleville, New Jersey!

Janice Monahan









La La Land, the beauty room in Madison filled with all manner of delights – including lovely women! – supports research on the Pink Virus and the Pink Vaccine.  They have the book too and are passing out postcards to their customers, pointing them to the bookstores in Madison that are carrying OF MICE AND WOMEN:  Unraveling the Mystery of the Breast Cancer Virus.  They’ve even offered to help enroll women in clinical trials to test the vaccine as soon as one becomes available.  Talk about enthusiasm:  they’re ready to go!

La La Land







One of their customers, Nancy, is a 20-year breast cancer survivor who had never heard of the virus.  And she’s a nurse!  Thank you, ladies, of La La Land!










Betty, the owner of Time and Again, a vintage clothing store that I have patronized since I moved to Madison in 1985 (the year I started medical school), is carrying the book and is passing out postcards to her customers, some of whom come all the way from the Metropolitan Opera in New York City to check out her vintage treasures.









Two bookstores in Madison are carrying OF MICE AND WOMEN:  Unraveling the Mystery of the Breast Cancer Virus:  Chatham Bookseller and Short Stories.  The merchants in Madison who have gotten behind the Pink Virus and the Pink Vaccine are pointing their customers, postcards in hand, to these two bookstores to buy a copy of a first edition!

Thank you, Chatham Bookseller – my favorite used book store ever! Oh, let me announce here that will be at the Chatham Bookseller on October 24, Bottle Hill Day, to sign copies of my book and answer any and all question about the breast cancer virus and the world’s first preventive breast cancer vaccine.  Thank you, Kathy Morris, for this great opportunity!


Chatham Bookseller







And thank you, Short Stories, for helping to spread the news about the Pure Cure – prevention.  By the way, I love your lounge in the front of your store.  It is so warm and inviting.  And with WiFi available, it’s a place to relax, learn, and catch up with the buzz on the ‘net.


short stories







Madison wouldn’t be Madison without Burt and Garden State News.  It’s like Penn Station, NYC in there most mornings.  Burt, his wife, and daughter all support research on the Pink Virus and the Pink Vaccine.









My book is in Burt’s window and the postcards are by the door, directing traffic to Chatham Bookseller and Short Stories.  The news this month is all about the Pure Cure – breast cancer prevention.


Burt's window









Thanks so much, Burt.  And, please, save a winning lottery ticket for me.  I need a big win – research on the Pink Virus and the Pink Vaccine is expensive but well worth it. Ask any woman on the street, “Would you rather place your bet on the chance for a “cure”, or would you rather not get breast cancer in the first place?”  I’m putting my money on the vaccine!

Everyone, it seems, has been touched by breast cancer.  None more closely than Salvatore Minardi whose family has been tragically impacted by this scourge.









When Sal saw me coming in the door with my book, OF MICE AND WOMEN:  Unraveling the Mystery of the Breast Cancer Virus, he stopped what he was doing and came forward to ask me what he could do to help.  My book is in his window now.  Postcards with information about the virus and the vaccine are on the counter.

Minardi Window









Sal has generously offered to host a book signing as soon as we can get our calendars together.  Thank you so much, Sal.  I know this means a lot to you:  it means a lot to me; it means a lot to all of us.  Thank you.  Thank you!

One of the most charming women in Madison is Bea Henderson, long time owner of the clothing boutique, San Francisco.








Bea and I have been friends for years.  She listening sympathetically to the many stories I shared with her as I was researching and writing OF MICE AND WOMEN:  Unraveling the Mystery of the Breast Cancer Virus.  Bea was thrilled to be able to show off my book in her window and to pass out postcards with information about the virus and the vaccine.


Bea Henderson









She’s pointing her customers to the local bookstores where they can read this amazing story for themselves.  Thank you so much, Bea.  I very much appreciate the kind and warm support you’ve given me over the past eight years as I struggled to complete my book.

Main Street has spoken:  Nail the virus and fund the vaccine!

Now, let’s spread the news about the Pink Virus and the Pink Vaccine to other towns.  Let’s take it to the cities.  Let’s walk it up Capitol Hill.  Let’s park it in front of the White House.  Let’s fly it to Geneva, headquarters of the World Health Organization.  Let’s talk about it in New York City, home of the United Nations.  Women are dying at the rate of one per minute.  There’s no time to waste in getting this information out into the world and putting it to good use by developing a vaccine.

Thank you, Madison.  Thank you, everyone.










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