By Vera Viner

Today, I will be undertaking an endeavor in which we will go over the steps necessary to prevent breast cancer. Much like any epidemic, whether it is heart disease, the flu or cancer, there are some basic stages that must be followed in order to remain clean and infection-free.

Breast cancer can be caused by many different entities from any angle, varying from genetics and poor diet to possibly a virus and broken DNA strands. In order to prevent this disease, however, it is necessary to learn how it is formed and what causes it. As such, supporting the research of Dr. Beatriz Pogo and Dr. Vincent Tuohy, who are working on the breast cancer virus and vaccine, is vital in our search to prevent this disease.

Some other basic steps in preventing this disease are outlined below.

1)      When cooking a meal in the kitchen, incorporate vegetables and fruits.

By eating a variety of healthy foods, your body will have a strong antioxidant base, which will prevent cancer from taking a stronghold in your chest or any other part of your body.

2)      When passing by a gym on your way to Dunkin’ Donuts, stop in and get a membership.

By going to a gym several times a week, your body will be stronger and more oxygenated, which in turn strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer from forming. It is a good idea to incorporate both aerobic exercise and some weight-lifting in one’s regime, as this keeps the heart, bones and other muscles strong.

3)      When someone passes you a cigarette or a glass of rum at a party, learn to say no.

By avoiding unnecessary toxins, it is much more likely that your body will withstand any sicknesses. Without these substances, a human body will not be badly damaged and the immune system will be strong enough to fight off cancer development.

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