By Vera Viner

Readers of my posts on this blog would be interested to learn that I have been writing website articles for a variety of companies in the healthcare industry over the last seven months. These include healthcare consulting, staffing firms and vendors of electronic health records (EHRs). I have seen the medical sector changing and growing, with the federal government playing a strong role.

“Obamacare” or the Affordable Care Act has brought a number of changes, but this is not the only legislation in the books. The HITECH Act and meaningful use requirements have spread the use of EHRs and electronic prescribing software across the country.

Today, I was writing about patient engagement measures that are part of the meaningful use program [an incentivizing system for doctors to increase their use of health IT systems]. Doctors who wish to gain financial incentives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) need to ensure that at least 5 percent of their patients access, download and view their electronic medical information, often through the use of patient portals.

Those physicians working with breast cancer patients will also need to meet these requirements or end up with a financial penalty in 2015. However, I think oncologists need to go beyond mere patient portals – it is vital to commit oneself to this profession in such a way as to make it one’s life. That’s what I, as a patient and granddaughter of cancer patients, want from medical professionals.

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy is one example of the type of doctor I expect from the medical community. She has gone beyond treatment and has been devoted to the prevention of breast cancer and new research aimed at stopping the spread of this disease. Doctors and patients alike should ensure that they remain healthy and cancer-free. Please remember: avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol, staying active and having a plant-based diet are all important factors in preventing breast cancer.


Take a look at this video for further information on how to stay healthy.



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