The Health Benefits of a Grapefruit

By Vera Viner

            Why is it that most healthy diets include eating a grapefruit for breakfast?  One reason is its high amount of fiber.  An orange has seven grams of fiber while a banana has four.  And a grapefruit? It has twelve grams of fiber.  The fiber contained in a grapefruit helps in food digestion, reduces ones risk for colon cancer and lowers cholesterol levels.  Grapefruits also have plenty of vitamin C, which heals wounds, repairs cartilage or bones, and even protects us from cardiovascular disease and cancer!  Grapefruits also contain pectin, vitamin A, and potassium.  Pectin removes plaque in the blood vessels, which reduces cholesterol.  Vitamin A is a necessity for your eye health.  Potassium helps your neurological health and keeps your cells functioning properly.

Grapefruits have a low amount of fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.  It is a fruit that reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease; it’s good for your heart!  This particular fruit removes excess inorganic calcium found in the cartilage of our joints.  Such excess calcium leads to arthritis.  This fruit can even help improve your health during a cold or fever.

Obesity is definitely something to avoid when attempting to prevent breast cancer.  Luckily, the grapefruit can help in weight loss as it is low in sodium and high in enzymes that burn fat.  It also has a good amount of water, which increases metabolism.

Most importantly, the grapefruit has antioxidants with cancer-fighting properties.  It is high in lycopene and liminoids, substances that prevent tumor formation.  Lycopene is a carotenoid or the red-colored substance found in grapefruits.  The grapefruit is also capable of repairing damaged DNA in prostate cancer cells.  Grapefruits boost the immune system, which is so great when it comes to preventing cancer.  Clearly, this fruit needs to be added to everyone’s diet!


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Take a look at this video to learn more about this health-promoting food:


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