By Dr. Kathleen Ruddy

doctor patientWhen you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the very first thing that comes to your mind is if there’s any hope in curing your disease; and, if there is, what is it or who are the persons who can provide you the right treatment? In a state of desperation for a cure, you may reach out to any specialist there is. Nevertheless, it is important to know who among them are right for you.

Is There a Specific Specialist for Breast Cancer?

An oncologist is a medical specialist for cancer. They are knowledgeable in determining the stage of cancer growth, the kind of treatment that will be most appropriate for a case, and they take care of general health by monitoring the status and progress of cancer in each stage of treatment.

What Other Specialists are Involved in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment?

Cancer is mostly crucial in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Through the course of diagnosis and up to the treatment stages, more specialists may be needed to tend for the required procedures. A radiologist is needed to interpret the x-rays and other imaging forms; a breast surgeon operates to remove the breast tumors; a radiation oncologist uses radiation therapy treatment; and a plastic surgeon completes breast reconstruction, if needed.


In making a decision between treatment options, it is necessary to be well-oriented about the treatment’s effect on your body.

How and Where do You Find a Specialist for Breast Cancer?

You may be referred by your primary care physician to specialists treating breast cancer. You may also go to local hospitals or consult medical society groups. A directory of board-certified medical specialists has been published by the American Board of Specialties, which lists names of highly qualified doctors and their specializations. This list can be found online and in public libraries.

Should You Consider Only Board-Certified Specialists?

A medical board certification is essential to recognize a doctor as a specialist in his or her field. However, not all specialists that are needed for breast cancer treatment have existing board certification within their fields but rather were certified in general practice. With this, you may look at their years of experience and service history for reference of qualification.

Is it Advisable to Consult More than One Doctor for Breast Cancer?

In cases that you are not satisfied with the current doctor who is accommodating you, it is to your discretion to look for another specialist. Some do this to solicit a second opinion for their case and if options for treatment are given that are not being practiced by your present physician.

Is it True That the Best Doctors Charges Higher Service Fees?

This can be particularly true based on the treatment required. Specialists tend to be more expensive as their procedures are more expensive. Be sure to consult with your insurance company to find what is covered. State hospitals accommodate patients regardless if they have the money to pay for bills or none with medical insurances and financial assistance to support them.

The doctors that you will involve in your breast cancer treatment should be certified and proven experts on their field. Your life will be put into their hands and it is important that you communicate with them about everything. Be open about the diagnosis, procedures, options, and whether you are comfortable with the treatment. Your physicians are vigilant at making you well and one of the essential parts of their job is to listen to you.

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