I’m feeling better but not yet well.

I ate frequently, all small meals, all ketogenic.

The switch to a ketogenic diet is not easy. It’s certainly easier than a fast, but by no means is it a breeze.

I am now in the full throws of a “ketogenic flu” – fatigue being the worst symptom. The remedy is to keep well hydrated and to make sure that I’m taking in enough salt and magnesium. Since magnesium is not easily absorbed by the body, some ketogenic experts recommend using the slow-release formulations. Dr. Fung suggests taking baths with epsom salts. I chose to do the latter and it has worked fantastically well for me – no leg cramps whatsoever.

The transition from a glucose-burning body to a fat-burning machine takes weeks. The ketogenic flu is an affliction that should only last about a week, at most. Fatigue may last longer, and my performance in the gym may not reach its pre-fast, pre-ketogenic flow state for several months. But once my body has fully adjusted and adapted to the ketogenic diet it will all have been worthwhile: much better fuel efficiency, a better cardiac lipid profile, improved cognition, improved endurance and a lower risk for cancer.

Only one strand of hair fall today. Really, amazing.



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