It was brutal.  As the day progressed I became increasingly fatigued.  Then I began to feel awful.  The rule of thumb when you attempt a water fast is if you begin to feel ill you must stop.  So I did.  I was too uncomfortable to feel ‘defeated’.  I was glad to stop and recover.

Refeeding after a fast must be done slowly and carefully.  I started with one ounce of juice in a large glass of water.  An hour later I repeated it.  I began to feel better immediately.  I did that once more and went to bed.

I fasted a total of 50 hours, taking only water throughout the day.  I lost 8 pounds.

Only one strand of hair fell this morning when I combed my hair.  I can’t explain it, but it sure is interesting.

For those who are interested in learning more about fasting, take a look at this video interview with Dr. Fung, a leader in the field and a delightful guy.

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