Facebook Causes Breast Cancer!

 By Vera Viner

Do I have your attention?  Good.  Now let’s talk about breast cancer prevention. 

It’s not easy for someone to change and become an advocate of healthy eating and exercising.  Imagine if a social network did cause cancer.  Do you really think everyone would stop using it?  Probably not.  Many people become very accustomed to it as part of their lifestyle.  In much the same way, eating fried foods and becoming a couch potato night after night becomes a person’s accustomed lifestyle. 

Dr Brewer, a gynecologist and oncologist, explains, “The hardest thing for someone to do is change their lifestyle… It’s much easier to take a pill than to go out every morning and exercise.”

            Regardless, breast cancer is not something that happens to someone else.  It has the same likelihood of happening to any woman (or man).  The Institute of Medicine has found that inadequate nutrition and lack of physical activity are definitely linked to the development of breast cancer.  Lifestyle changes are the most vital part in preventing breast cancer. 


            Along with nutrition and exercise, chemicals, bacteria, and medical treatments can affect whether a woman contracts breast cancer or not, according to the report from the Institute of Medicine.  This panel reviewed various information available on breast cancer prevention and also recommended areas that need more research.

            The panel recommends avoiding unneeded radiation therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and smoking cigarettes.  In order to prevent breast cancer, it is also best to limit alcohol consumption.  It is vital for women to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.  Following this advice will go a long way to reducing your risk of breast cancer.

            There is also a potential link between cancer and the chemicals benzene, 1,3-butadiene and ethylene oxide.  These chemicals are commonly found in tobacco smoke, gasoline and car exhaust.

            This board found that there is insufficient data to pinpoint whether women’s cosmetics, hair dyes, or nonionizing radiation from cellular phones are linked to breast cancer or any other cancers.

            Along with outside factors, breast cancer risk is also partially dependent on age, family history, and age a woman gave birth to her first child.  The board found that research is not progressing satisfactorily because many studies focus on risk factors during childhood or youth.  The Institute of Medicine recommends that scientists discover the biological significance of outside factors during particular life stages.

            Facebook might not cause cancer, but there are plenty of other things that do.  It is important to pay attention to the foods and chemicals we put into our bodies and to find every way possible to prevent contracting these diseases.  It is not about living an extremely long life.  It is about living an extremely healthy and happy life, free of the tragedy that is cancer. 


Take a look at the link below to learn more about breast cancer prevention:

 Video on Breast Cancer Prevention



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