Written by Vera Gruessner

Cancer is an unbelievably devastating disease. It affects families, children, young adults, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and more. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. If you spend your life volunteering, being good to others, and caring about your family, it won’t matter to Cancer. Cancer doesn’t care about how kind you are, how polite you are, or even how you dedicate your life to serving others. If you spend your life dedicated to remaining healthy and eating right, it won’t necessarily save you either. Cancer often hits without any discrimination.

Sad Child

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s finally time to realize just how badly we need to move beyond the decades of ongoing chemotherapy and surgery thrown at women of all ages. It’s time to kick nausea, vomiting, hair loss, organ damage, weight loss, mastectomies, lumpectomies, and the many other problems associated with breast cancer treatment out of our society!

We need to invest in better ways to truly cure breast cancer. We need to invest in prevention. If there’s the potential for research that could create a breast cancer vaccine, why aren’t we doing more? If there’s a virus that causes breast cancer in women, why haven’t we completed the research? Why haven’t we made a vaccine that could prevent breast cancer? It’s time to put an end to breast cancer and the agony it causes.

It’s also time to invest in better treatments for the many other types of Cancer out there. Whether it’s immunotherapy or another method to cure the disease without the many side effects of chemotherapy or radiation, it’s time to spend our time and money working toward a real solution that could end Cancer. The many families and patients out there don’t deserve to spend years of their life fighting this disease. They don’t deserve to spend months in and out of hospitals. They don’t deserve to find their loved ones in ICU. They deserve better.

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