New research shows that even one drink of wine or beer per day will slightly increase your breast cancer risk. Studies have often been confusing with regard to the link between alcohol and breast cancer, study author Dr. Anne McTiernan told CBS News.

However, the new study looked at 10 prior research experiments following pre-menopausal women and 22 studies done on post-menopausal women. The study separated the two age groups in terms of alcohol and breast cancer risk. The study was conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research.

“There are a lot of different studies that often come up with different answers. People always say, ‘This week I’m supposed to only drink one drink, last week it was two,'” McTiernan from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center told the news source.

The new study brings more of a conclusion to past research. After analyzing the findings, the researchers discovered that a glass of wine or beer every day increases breast cancer risk by 5 percent among pre-menopausal women. In post-menopausal women, however, the risk for breast cancer development grows even more. The women in this age group are at a 9 percent higher risk of the disease if they have one drink of alcohol daily.

The researchers looked at the difference between beer, wine, and spirits but didn’t discover any deviations in terms of breast cancer risk.

“We tried looking separately at beer, wine and spirits, but none jumped out as being more or less problematic. They all showed the same trends,” McTiernan continued.

The study was based on self-reported findings. The study also looked at other factors such as diet and exercise. The findings from the study can be found here.

To reduce your breast cancer risk, keep your alcohol intake at a minimum. Try to keep those cocktails and glasses of wine for the weekend and not on a typical Wednesday night.

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