While many woman are aware that  bisphenol A (BPA)  is a synthetic estrogen (albeit weakly so) used by the chemical industry to harden plastic for consumer use (water bottles, sippy cups, etc.), many would be surprised to learn that BPA is also used in the manufacture of aluminum products.  A recent report showed that some aluminum bottles – often used by the wary as a replacement for BPA-laden plastic bottles – release up to FIVE TIMES MORE BPA DUE TO THE BPA LINING USED TO COAT THE ALUMINUM.  This is to prevent the aluminum, which is highly reactive, from altering the contents therein.

Exposure to BPA has been found to increase breast tumors in animals and to alter brain and nervous system function.  It can cause birth defects, other reproductive abnormalities and some cancers.  The Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing standards for BPA exposure in humans but, well, cigarettes are still on the market and, so, I don’t think we can rely on public policy makers, pressed by political influence, to keep us safe from known and proven carcinogens.

Warning:  always look for a label specifying that the product you are purchasing or using is BPA-free.

Over the course of history, from the Serengeti to the supermarket, it pays to beware.


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