It really seems like more than a coincidence that the Better Care Reconciliation Act is dubbed BCRA and is only two letters off from a cancerous genetic mutation. It might as well be called the BRCA, a gene that increases risk for breast cancer if it mutates.

TrumpCare or the mere repeal of the Affordable Care Act with its protections for pre-existing conditions could endanger lives especially for cancer patients. It’s important to understand just how Obamacare has changed regulations in the health insurance industry. Making sure that people who were uninsured when they were diagnosed with cancer can still get health insurance is so imperative for saving lives. The clause in the ACA protecting those with pre-existing conditions is a human right.

However, repeal of this clause will lead many to potentially lose their healthcare coverage in the future. Those with pre-existing conditions could lose their access to medical care!

Due to the high medical bills of cancer treatment, people used to go bankrupt covering the costs in the past. Today, due to Medicaid expansion under Obamacare, more and more cancer patients and disabled patients unable to work can receive Medicaid coverage. This makes it much easier for people to reduce these high medical bills.

If you are a young man or woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer while still in college or soon after graduation, the Affordable Care Act allows you to stay on your parents’ insurance plans until age 26. This means you can get the healthcare you need without worrying about paying your own premiums or deductibles.

Did you know that before Obamacare became law in this country women paid as much as $1 billion more for health coverage every year when compared to men? This is clearly very important when thinking about the costs of breast cancer treatment. This means that the ACA ensured premiums and other medical costs are more even between the genders.

It is now illegal to discriminate based on gender when setting healthcare costs. The repeal of Obamacare, however, will allow this discrimination to once again run rampant.

The ACA has also required employer plans or other group insurance plan to start paying for healthcare benefits in 90 days or less. Additionally, health insurers cannot cancel your coverage if they find a mistake in your application.

If you want to protect cancer patients and your loved ones with pre-existing conditions, please reach out to your Senators today to tell them to vote no on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Call your Senators at 202-224-3121 and let them know that you want to keep important provisions in the Affordable Care Act. Tell your Senators to protect cancer patients and their constituents.

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