This week, many families are preparing and celebrating both Passover and Easter. These holidays come with customs steeped in rich traditions. And, like most holidays, certain feasts and cuisines are associated with both Easter and Passover. If you are a breast cancer survivor or you’re at higher risk of the disease due to a family history, you may want to bypass or limit some of the least healthy options during these holidays.

Eating eggs on Easter is perfectly acceptable but you may want to limit those chocolate Easter bunnies and candies common around the holiday. As for Passover, you’ll want to ensure that your matzo ball soup does not have an excessive amount of salt or sodium. Too much sodium could be harmful for your cardiovascular health.

To provide more information about sticking to a healthy diet during Easter or Passover, we’ve outlined some key guidelines.

Easter dinner tips

Often, a typical Easter dinner includes either a lamb or a ham. When it comes to the protein, be sure to limit yourself to a reasonable amount since too much ham could also impact your cardiovascular health in negative ways. An excess of red meats has been linked to increased breast cancer rates as well, so be sure to only get one or two slices of meat on Easter.

When it comes to loading up on side dishes, be sure to add plenty of fruits and colorful vegetables instead of the typical carbohydrates like potatoes and breads. Think wisely when filling your plate. If you’re hungry, vegetables such as some tasty green beans or salad along with some protein should do the trick while breads don’t give you long-term satiety.

Easter dinner also often ends with cakes and pies. However, it’s vital to remember that sugars are associated with an increased risk of cancer. As such, moderation is key. If you’re still hankering for something to eat, be sure to only get a sliver of cake instead of seconds or thirds.


Passover dinner tips

The first dish for a traditional Passover dinner is often matzo ball soup with a side of nuts and fruit spread and pieces of matzo. When cooking the matzo ball soup, be sure to use ingredients without added sodium and be light when adding any salt.

When the main meal comes out, you may get to enjoy a brisket and a potato dish. However, be sure to add only a slice of brisket and a modest amount of potatoes to your dish. Instead, you should round out your meal with plenty of vegetables such as asparagus and a colorful salad.

An excess of weight gain could lead to medical problems including some forms of cancer. Obesity has been correlated with breast cancer, which is why sticking to a healthier diet is important even during the holidays. Luckily, a passover dessert often includes a flour-less and butter-free cake, which may be one of the healthier options. Nonetheless, when buying or baking a cake, be sure it has a minimal amount of sugar or chocolate.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to make it through the holidays without gaining extra weight or exposing yourself to an excess of harmful ingredients. Sticking to a plant-based diet even during Easter or Passover is key in your health and wellness as you strive to prevent breast cancer.


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