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The Breast Health & Healing Foundation Publishes New Book in Fight for Breast Cancer Prevention

Founder of BHHF Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy continues to discuss the implications of the breast cancer virus and the need for a vaccine in her new book.

BELLEVILLE, New Jersey (November 10, 2017) – The Breast Health and Healing Foundation is announcing the publication of a new book by Founder and breast cancer surgeon Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy called The End of Breast Cancer: A Virus and the Hope for a Vaccine.

You can find the new book on Amazon by clicking here. Dr. Ruddy launched the Breast Health and Healing Foundation in order to further spread the mission of finding the causes of breast cancer to prevent the disease before it impacts more men and women alike. With the new publication, this mission is moved even further.

This book discusses the Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus and how a similar virus may also cause breast cancer in women. In fact, the virus found in mice has been linked to a similar one in 40 percent of human breast cancer cases.

If we can further determine whether or not a Human Mammary Tumor Virus causes breast cancer in women, the scientific community can begin work on a preventive breast cancer vaccine that targets this virus. A breast cancer vaccine could prevent this disease in a large number of cases and essentially keep millions of women cancer-free.

This book The End of Breast Cancer: A Virus and the Hope for a Vaccine also goes into the experiences of Dr. Ruddy and breast cancer patients she has come across. These are the people that further research into the virus and a potential vaccine could help.

The breast cancer virus has also been found in other animals such as cats, dogs, monkeys, and rats. Right now, scientists are only a step away from determining whether a virus causes breast cancer. Once this can be determined, researchers can work on creating a preventative vaccine.

“If there’s a virus that causes breast cancer, and a safe and effective vaccine that can prevent this disease, we need to know about it now, not in another 100 years,” explained Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, Founder of the Breast Health and Healing Foundation.

The Breast Health and Healing Foundation fundraises to bring more money toward breast cancer prevention research. The fundraising is aimed specifically at expanding research on the breast cancer virus and the development of a preventive vaccine. BHHF has won numerous awards for its documentaries and blog articles. The company’s website at contains additional information.

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